Installing Qualcomm MachineVisionSDK v1.2.7 (845)

  • Hi Everyone,

    I was attempting to install the Qualcomm Machine Vision SDK v1.2.7 (845) from here, which is an .ipk package. But I cannot find any documentation on how to install it, all the Qualcomm docs only mention the Snapdragon Flight platform (despite clearly providing a package for an 845-based board).

    Has anyone successfully run the mv SDK on RB3?

  • @nicovanduijn

    you can create a deb package and install it using "dpkg -i xxx.deb".

    Steps as below:

    1. unpack .ipk file.
      $unar mv_1.2.7_845.ipk
      $cd mv_1.2.7_845/
      $unar control.tar.gz
      $unar data.tar.gz
      $rm -fr control.tar.gz data.tar.gz

    2.create deb package.
    $mkdir DEBIAN
    $mv control DEBIAN/
    $vi DEBIAN/control //Modfiy line 5: "Architecture: aarch64" to "Architecture: arm64"
    $ cd ../
    $dpkg -b mv_1.2.7_845 mv_1.2.7_845.deb

    1. install deb package
      $adb shell mv_1.2.7_845.deb
      $adb shell "dpkg -i /mv_1.2.7_845.deb"


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