Questions about installing platform image_20190806 and SNPE

  • Hi,

    We have some problems when using RB3 or with SNPE. Please help us to solve problem.

    1. We try to run some examples of SNPE on RB3 with the latest platform version(RB3 Platform Image_20190806).
      Yet we cannot install the image smoothly.
      Following to the document, Linux User Guide, we stuck at the commend.

    $ sudo fastboot devices
    $ sudo <- stuck at the very first $ fastboot flash...

    1. Then we would like to make sure whether the results of runtimes are the same as you at platform_image_20190222
      a. SNPE from Thundercomm official web (aarch64-linux-gcc4.9):
      CPU: O, GPU:X DSP: O
      b. SNPE from Thundercomm official web (arm-linux-gcc4.9sf):
      CPU: O, GPU:X DSP: X

    2. Encounter permission denied when following to the tutorial from SNPE SDK
      Following to the tutorial from the website below:
      Execute $ snpe-net-run will result in permission denied. (Yet all commends are under root permission)
      Similar problem is asked at another forum, but seems don't get a reply

    Thank you for your help!

  • Hi,
    Can you post the log here?


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