Failure to download SDK Code for C6125

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    I tried to download the SDK code as documented, but encountered an issue. The document I referred to is named “tc-hla-2410-_turbox_c6125_cm6125_la_software_release_notes_-for_la1-0-pre-fc-r001004-_20210616_v1-0.pdf.”

    The following output is what I observed when running the repo command:
    > Revision SDK.Turbox-QCM6125.LA.1.0 in manifests not found

    I attempted to access the manifest repository URL mentioned above in my web browser, and after entering my password, the client screen displayed “Not Found.” I’m uncertain whether the manifest file exists in the repository at all.

    I’m using my account information from for accessing the repository. Could you please advise if I am doing something incorrectly?

    Thank you.

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