CT6490/C6490 Development Kit

The TurboX CT6490/C6490 Development Kit is designed based on the pin-to-pin compatible SOM (System On Module) of CT6490/C6490. This is the latest IoT platform integrated with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ QCM6490/QCS6490 which is a 6 nm processor with superior performance and power efficiency, as well as high AI capability (14 TOPS). CT6490/C6490 support Wi-Fi 6E with DBS, Long Range Bluetooth and optional 5G NR connection capabilities and is featured with 5 x 4-lane MIPI CSI D-PHY (2 of them compatible to support 3-lane MIPI CSI C-PHY which is up to 48M camera). It also has a rich set of peripheral interfaces, including both USB 3.1 and USB 2.0 concurrency and PCIE. The CT6490/C6490 SOM is a high performance AIoT SOM for building Handheld Devices, Industrial Robots, Service Robots, Drones and Digital Signage. Both SOM and Development Kit provide customers with hardware interfaces and software SDK to validate functions easily and build the prototype quickly.


TurboX CT6490/C6490 Development Kit Main Components

• Main IO board: functioning together with various SOMs, the board supports multiple interfaces to connect LCD panels, camera modules, SD cards, SIM cards, and USB devices, as well as on-board UART debug port, buttons, LED, etc.
• Interposer board: functioning together with CT6490/C6490 SOM, the board can support multiple RF antenna ports.
• Audio board: dedicated board for Audio features.
• Sensor board: the board features A+G sensor, M sensor, barometer sensor, ALS+PRO sensor, NFC (Near Field Communication) sensor. Many other interfaces are reserved for future versions.
• Camera with FPC (OV13B10 or IMX577).
• Wi-Fi/BT 5.2, 5G/LTE, GNSS antenna.
• Power adaptor.
• Dev. Kit Holder.

TurboX CT6490/C6490 Development Kit Applications

Rugged Handheld

Rugged Tablet

Digital Signage

Service Robot

Industrial Robot

Category Description
Platform QCM6490/QCS6490
Camera IMX577 or OV13B10
Display interfaces 1 x TFT-LCD/1 x HDMI Out (separate purchase needed)
Audio interfaces 1 x 3.5mm headset
8 x DMIC from external codec/2 x AMIC from external codec
2 x speaker from external codec
Other interfaces 1 x USB 3.0 Type C/1 x USB 2.0 Type A/1 x Micro USB (for debug)
2 x SIM Card/1 x SD card/1 x RJ45
1 x battery connector
1 x NFC
1 x Magnetic Sensor; 1 x Barometer
1 x Wi-Fi/BT antenna,8 x 5G/LTE antenna, 1 x GNSS antenna
1 x HDMI IN (separate purchase needed)
Operating environment Operating temperature: -25°C to + 75°C
Dimensions 150mm x 180mm
OS Support Android 12
Type Category Document Name Update Date
Public Documents Product Brief TurboX-CT6490&C6490-SOM-Product-Brief-EN.pdf -
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TurboX C6490 Development Kit
Lead Time:Expected to ship within 2 weeks after payment complete.


TurboX CT6490/C6490 Development Kit

TFT-LCD Display Module
5" HD TFT-LCD Display Module with Multi Touch Panel.
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