C8550 SOM

Thundercomm TurboX C8550 SOM is a highly integrated SOM (System On Module) powered by next Gen Flagship Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ QCS8550 processor. It is designed with 4nm process and integrated with Android and Linux. TurboX C8550 supports Android, featuring in advanced AI increases, huge camera, video advancements and evolved graphics. It is an ideal platform for IoT products that require high computing power, advanced camera capability, and superior graphics performance.


TurboX C8550 SOM Applications

Smart Camera

Video Conference

Automated Manufacturing Robots

Autonomous Mobile Robots(AMRs)

Collaborative Robots

Delivery Robots

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Transportation

Edge Computing

TurboX C8550 SOM Features

8th Gen AI Engine

Over 10x performance boost to previous gen

Next Gen Kryo™ CPU

up to 1.5x over previous gen

3A+IQ upgrades;3 ISP, 3 x 36MP@30FPS


C8550 SOM

Hypervisor enables multiple trusted VMs (TVMs)

3 times GPU performance improvement compared to the previous generation

8k@60FPS decoding, 8k@30FPS encoding

AV1 decoder


Category Description
Platform Qualcomm® QCS8550
Kryo™ CPU
Adreno™ 740 GPU
Spectra™ ISP
Memory 12GB + 128GB
AI Performance HTP INT8 48 TOPs, GPU FP16 12 TOPs
Connectivity No Wi-Fi built-in
Display 2 x DSI 4Lane; support up to 4K@120Hz
1 x DP V1.4
Camera 3 x 36 MP@30FPS ISPs
4 x CSI D-PHY-1.2 4lane + 2 x CSI D-PHY-1.2 2lane
2 x CSI C-PHY-2.0 3-trio
5 x concurrent (3 IFEs + 2 IFE-lites)
Video 4K240/8K60 Decode, 4K120/8K30 Encode, AV1 decode
PCIE 1 x 2-lane Gen4
1 x 2-lane Gen3
USB 1 x USB 3.1 Gen 2 (with DP V1.4)
Operating Environment Operation Temperature: -35℃ ~ +75℃
Operation Humidity: 5%~95%,  non-condensing
Voltage 3.2V ~ 4.5V
Format LGA
Dimension 39mm x 33mm x 2.75mm (excluding height of the bottom shielding case)
OS Support Android 13 (T), LE
LU – in planning
Certificate ROHS/Reach/WEEE/TSCA
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