Smart Electricity Monitoring Solution

Edge Computing Integrated Platform Empowers Digital Transformation in Electricity Operation, Maintenance, and Inspection


Electricity monitoring is an important part of the daily work of any electricity supply system. Regular inspection is required for the operation, maintenance, and safety monitoring of electricity generation, transmission, substation, and distribution facilities. Traditionally, inspection is mainly manual, inefficient, long-cycle, and highly risky.

As electricity generation increases in scale and the market’s greater emphasis on reliability, intelligent electricity has become the inevitable choice.

Thundercomm provides a smart monitoring solution, with integrated algorithms and computing power, for electricity operation, maintenance, and inspection.

Using edge computing and AI video analysis, the solution can monitor in real-time electricity inspection, operation, maintenance and employee behavior, environmental safety, and equipment status in electricity operations. This solution represents an upgrade from the “after-the-event” tracking of responsibilities to “before-the-event” warning and “in-the-event” alarms. The solution reduces and eliminates the need to use human inspectors, improves efficiency, and reduces risks and operating costs.



Improve inspection efficiency: using intelligent devices instead of human inspectors can bypass terrain restrictions, improve flexibility, efficiency, and coverage density


Reduce manual participation: intelligent methods diminish and even eliminate the need to use humans, reduce human errors and the probability of accidents, lower costs and increase efficiency


“Before-the-event” warning can reduce risks: real-time monitoring of security loopholes, sends early warning before an accident, eliminates hidden dangers, and reduces the risk of accidents


Timely discovery and quick processing: ‘Event-Identify-Report-Link-Processing’; the complete closed-loop process enables managers to respond in time and reduces the impact of an event


Thundercomm provides an algorithm+computing power+platform integrated smart electricity monitoring solution.

The system receives the recorded video stream, detects the risk or event through AI algorithms, and sends alarms to the operations platform. It supports sound-light/voice alarms on the spot, other subsystems, large-screen display dashboard, also support alarm data statistics.

Application Scenarios

Electricity generation

• HD video monitoring
• Device status monitoring: defect and fault detection
• Safety behavior monitoring: safety helmet and uniform, smoking and phone calls, intrusion
• Environment monitoring: smoke and flame detection
• Report warnings in real-time


• Drone inspection: defect detection
• Foreign objects detection: bird nests on transmission towers
• Equipment damage detection
• Environment monitoring: smoke and flame detection
• Report warnings in real-time

Substation and Distribution

• HD video monitoring
• Device status monitoring: instrument reading, signal lights, and knife switch detection
• Environment monitoring: smoke and flame detection
• Report warnings in real-time

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