EB5 Edge AI Cube

EB5 edge AI cube is a software and hardware integrated edge Intelligence suite, which can help enterprises and developers quickly deploy, verify and upgrade AI applications. The suite has built-in algorithm applications and supports OTA upgrade service. It supports application development and customization so that customers can easily experience edge intelligence and helps customers achieve AI intelligence with low cost and high efficiency, aims to help the rapid digital transformation and upgrading of traffic, factory, mining, grid, retail and other industries.

EB5 Edge AI Cube Unboxing

EB5 Edge AI Cube Product Features


Easy to use without any configuration

Open the box, connect and power on, setup the AI scenario in three simple steps, and immediately experience the edge intelligence. The build-in algorithm application does not need to be configured, even non-technical personnel can also setup quickly.


Powerful performance for rich scenarios applications

24 channel FHD video decoding capability, 15TOPS AI performance, support multi-channel video AI analysis. The AI cube has four build-in algorithms and more algorithms are upcoming, to provide enterprises with rich edge intelligent solutions and help the intelligent upgrading of campus, factories and buildings.


Continuous upgrading for ultimate experience

Support OTA upgrading for firmware, algorithms and applications to continuously optimize performance and AI experience. Expanding AI application in various industries, and create an ultimate intelligent experience.

Sensor Fusion

Ecosystem development and flexible customization

Support conversion and deployment of Caffe, PyTorch and Tensorflow models. The embedded edge component OSware.Edge provides streaming media processing framework and a variety of API interfaces and protocols, can flexibly configure and quickly build AI applications to meet the needs of rapid development, verification and delivery of the project.

EB5 Edge AI Cube Applications

Smart Building

Smart Traffic

Smart Retail

Smart Factory

Smart Grid

Smart Mining

EB5 Edge AI Cube Package List

1EB5 Edge AI Box1WiFi version,5G version
2EB5 adaptor1
3Antenna2WiFi version: 2 * antennas, 5G version: 6 * antennas
4IP camera4
5Gbits POE Switch1
6Switch adaptor1
7HDMI cable1
8Network cable5
9Algorithm test picture8
TypeCategoryDocument NameUpdate Date
Public DocumentsDocumentationThundercomm EB5_Quick Start Guide_V1.3.pdfJune 10, 2021
Thundercomm EB5_Hardware User Manual_V1.7.pdfJune 7, 2021
Thundercomm EB5_Multimedia SDK User Guide_V1.1.pdfMay 11, 2021
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EB5 Edge AI Cube
EB5 Edge AI Cube is a software and hardware integration suit, packed with EB5, IP cameras and switch. With the rich built-in AI algorithm, as well as the powerful AI performance of EB5, and video codec capabilities, it accelerates multiple industries such as transportation, factories, coal, mining, and electric power to quickly evaluate the effects of industrial transformation with the highest efficiency.