Smart Camera

Smart Camera Solution

Building smart camera product is a sophisticated art, which requires experitise in both imaging and audio solutions, excepting the general hardware design and software development. From the platform selection, operating system optimization, driver development, algorithm model migration to the hardware design, prototyping, testing and manufacturing, Thundercomm leverages years of in-house expertise in smart camera turnkey solution to enable a faster time to market of smart camera product with unique features.

Thundercomm XR SOLUTION

Smart Wearable Solution

Smart wearable devices are becoming more fashionable and functional with a longer battery life and elegant design. Wearable designers and engineers can use the end-to-end solution including wearable SDK, UI/UX design, driver development, application development, cloud development and carrier certification service provided by Thundercomm wearable experts to fast launch a unique wearable device, be it a smart watch, a fitness band or a kid’s watch, you can always work with us to optimize the manufacturing cost and make your idea come into an innovative product.

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