Smart Retail Solution

Al, Big Data, Edge and Cloud Computing technologies are transforming the retail industry. Thundercomm, as a leading loT product and solution provider, is combing the disruptive technologies to provide an immersive shopping experience for our consumers, while keeping the merchandise in a competitive position to stay ahead in the curve.


Smart Building Solution

Building is a space where we spend more than 80% time of whole life, in office, at home, in restaurant, in shpping mall, in cinema, in sports center, etc. and we will encounter with the scenarios including access control, security and safety, energy and environment management in almost all kinds of buildings. Thundercomm combines the user experience with the fusion technologies, the integrated planning and construction of the building to transform the buildings into a “high IQ” smart building with thinking and perceiving abilities via Connection-Integration-Ecology approach.


XR Solution

Thundercomm is a leading XR solution provider, with a professional team focusing on end-to-end AR/VR HMD/glasses development costly and efficiently. Over 40+ AR/VR products based on Qualcomm platforms have been developed during the years, where we have seen an increasing demand of low latency rendering and 6DoF tracking. The tremendous experiences and our expertise will contribute to the building of innovative AR/VR products. Partner with Thundercomm in this field will give you more than you expected.


Robotics Solutions

Thundercomm has been involving robotic applications for years: may it be a robot vacuum cleaner, which can navigate itself and recognize objects; or a service robot, which can interact with the visitors and provide help; or an AGV that assisting people in warehouses and factories; in every situation, Thundercomm enables robots not only by giving it a smart brain, but also providing world class end-to-end robotic solutions. Packing up the most advanced computational platform, customized OS, dependable software baseline, cutting edge AI algorithms, and 5G connectivity, Thundercomm is your best wingman to speed up your development and make your robots the shiniest star on the stage.


Smart Speaker Solution

Smart speaker product is a bit different from the other smart devices, it’s like a hub between human and machine, collecting the request and send it to server, where the information is analysed using the machine learning to inference technologies, then responses to the request, play a song, answer a question, make a call, etc. Leveraging the emerging technologies with the hardware and software development and manufacturing, Thundercomm is able to provide turnkey smart speaker solution, covering the application development and integration.

Smart Camera

Smart Camera Solution

Building smart camera product is a sophisticated art, which requires experitise in both imaging and audio solutions, excepting the general hardware design and software development. From the platform selection, operating system optimization, driver development, algorithm model migration to the hardware design, prototyping, testing and manufacturing, Thundercomm leverages years of in-house expertise in smart camera turnkey solution to enable a faster time to market of smart camera product with unique features.

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