Thundercomm released MR HMD Pro, the latest MR HMD reference design based on Qualcomm XR2 Gen2 platform to redefine the way we experience mixed reality

Thundercomm released MR HMD Pro, the latest MR HMD reference design based on Qualcomm XR2 Gen2 platform to redefine the way we experience mixed reality

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2024 — Thundercomm, a world leading IoT product and solution provider, announced its latest MR HMD Pro at CES2024. Powered by the cutting-edge Qualcomm XR2 Gen2 platform, this HMD combines most of the advanced features that revolutionize the way of mixed reality we never experienced.

One of the standout features of the MR HMD Pro is its 4-camera head tracking and dual-camera gesture tracking. It allows precise and accurate movement tracking and interaction with the virtual content, resulting in an immersive and seamless mixed-reality experience. Equipped with an exclusive TOF camera, the MR HMD Pro enables more accurate 3D space reconstruction. Users can easily perceive virtual environments and navigate through applications.

By utilizing the advancement of Qualcomm XR2 Gen2 platform and build-in display, the MR HMD Pro boasts an impressive single-eye resolution which is nearly 4K, a significant improvement from the conventional 20 PPD to approximately 40 PPD. This enhancement translates to stunning visuals and remarkable clarity that surpasses previous industry standards. Besides that, the MR HMD Pro supports advanced Wi-Fi 7 technology, which ensures minimal latency and a seamless streaming experience for users, enabling them to immerse themselves in their fully virtual world. Additionally, the MR HMD Pro supports running multiple applications in 3D, allowing users to run multitask and enjoy a diverse range of applications simultaneously.

XR glasses are excellent hardware carriers for large language models, equipped with a rich array of peripherals including camera, display, microphone, speaker and various sensors, enabling perception and presentation of multi-dimensional data. They can be worn on the head for interactive experiences from a first-person perspective, allowing AI to understand everything happening in front of the user in a state and environment closest to the user. With the rapid development of Rubik on-device model compression technology, Gen AI has been applied in various XR scenarios, including recognition and analysis in sales assistance, tourism assistance, sports coaching, etc.

“The MR HMD Pro is not only a groundbreaking product in its own but also serves as an ideal platform for AR/VR/MR brands looking to customize their next-generation VST MR HMD, said Pier Zhang, vice president at Thundercomm. We are very proud to say that Thundercomm is the first choice of XR solution partners for most of the brands. All our XR solutions are now natively GenAI empowered. With the MR HMD Pro, brands can accelerate their product development and bring their innovative designs with the most distinguished features to market faster.”

About Thundercomm

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