Thundercomm showcased advanced retail solution with Network Optix and CVEDIA at CES2024

Thundercomm showcased advanced retail solution with Network Optix and CVEDIA at CES2024

Thundercomm, a world leading IoT products and solutions provider, showcased smart retail solution at CES2024.

The smart retail solution is a joint achievement between Network Optix, CVEDIA, Qualcomm Technologies and Thundercomm. It can be used in retail stores for video analytics, available algorithms include line crossing, loiter, intrusion detection, people counting, stock monitoring, etc.

Built on the Qualcomm® QRB5165 System-on-Chip (SoC) for IoT, EB5 Edge AI Box delivers superior 15 TOPS of AI performance and up to 24 channels full HD video processing, which provides a robust infrastructure for the Nx Media Agent, allowing for the superior processing of video data. This cutting-edge solution reinforces the drive towards more efficient and effective use of artificial intelligence technologies.

In addition, the system also supports the running of Network Optix open-source clients, and CVEDIA’s CVEDIA-RT offering an end-to-end deployment on Qualcomm Technologies and Thundercomm hardware. This comprehensive approach ensures a powerful, integrated solution for handling video data and AI inferencing on the edge.

About Network Optix:
Network Optix is an advanced technology company specializing in the development of video processing capabilities. By creating an operating system solely for video and its resulting data, Network Optix offers comprehensive, high-performing solutions that serve a wide range of industries.

CVEDIA is a cutting-edge technology firm focused on the advancement of intelligent video analytics solutions. Specializing in the development of innovative AI-powered security solutions geared toward the edge, CVEDIA has crafted a dedicated ecosystem tailored for the processing of visual data. Camera and platform agnostic, CVEDIA specializes in delivering robust and cost-efficient analytics that cater to security, retail, and defence industries. 

About Thundercomm:
Thundercomm is a joint venture between Qualcomm and ThunderSoft, offering hardware and software solutions that enable the rapid development and commercialization of IoT, AI, and smart devices. It brings cutting-edge technology to customers and helps them translate their product concepts into reality.

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