Thundercomm Introduces Its Latest Edge Box and E-cockpit Solution at CES 2021

Thundercomm Introduces Its Latest Edge Box and E-cockpit Solution at CES 2021

BEIJING, Jan. 12, 2021 — Thundercomm, a world-leading IoT product and solution provider, today introduces its unparalleled Edge AI Box–EB5 and E-cockpit Solution 4.5 at CES 2021, from Jan. 11 to 14 digitally.

EB5 unleashing a new era of edge computing

With the soaring number of connected devices, the need for real-time data processing and transmission among devices and clouds is surging. EB5 is created to meet this demand through empowering data processing capabilities at the device side so as to ease the burden posed on the cloud side, which will enable the data transmission between clouds and devices more efficient and cost-effective. EB5, the first edge computing box that can support both Linux and Android operating system as well as 5G connection, is based on powerful Qualcomm IoT System-on-Chip (SoC) and can deliver 15 TOPS AI performance as well as up to 24 channels FHD video processing capability. It also integrates multiple IoT communication protocols such as Modbus, BACnet, CAN, MQTT, zigbee and supports mainstream cloud platforms including AWS, Microsoft Azure. Its high-standard quality together with the outstanding fanless design as well as plentiful interfaces make EB5 fit well in complex environments like building, healthcare, retail, factory and traffic, etc.

E-cockpit Solution 4.5 leading the new trend of smart vehicle

With the advent of the software-defined automobile era, the intelligent cockpit that has been gradually evolving into the brain of the vehicle and the pivot of HMI, is playing an increasingly important role. E-cockpit Solution 4.5 is built on the 3rd Generation Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Automotive Digital Cockpit Platform, and features a Software Platform of QNX Hypervisor 2.1, running QNX 7.0 and Android P Operating System. It is a fusion cockpit platform based on SOA, which enables developers to complete the development, changes or upgrade of services more efficiently. It also contains intelligent engine solution and AI assistant solution that can cater to the individual demands from different customers. What’s more, E-cockpit solution 4.5 supports autonomous driving functions, such as autonomous parking, through reusing the computing power of the chip built in the cockpit.

More superb products and solutions from AIoT and smart auto fields, such as C610 Open Kit for smart camera, smart wearable solutions, the industry-leading HMI tools in auto productions–Kanzi and so on are also among the displayed line-up.

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